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The Casting Process

Our casting process is very delicate and needs to be precisely executed to meet our standards. Find out more about our processes here…



Investment is used to create negative cavities within a canister which is then filled with liquid gold.


Ana Cabral

With the company since the age of 19, Ana has



After the manufacturing process, our jewelry has one more phase to go through before being shipped. Inspection is a very important process as each piece we make is thoroughly inspected by hand and signed off by one of our inspectors.



We also glue pearls & various stones using a Two part epoxy. We choose to use epoxy to guarantee your jewelry to last a lifetime.



Our master craftsmen meticulously form metal prongs and bezels around precious and Semi-precious stones. Each style is individually hand made and set by our experienced stone setters both here in RI and in CA.



Our other components are soldered together by hand using high intensity torches.



Using a rubber mold & heated wax, we inject the wax into the mold, to create a pattern for our other processes. Each piece is then cleaned by hand to create a high quality model.


Joey Rodrigues

If you want a laugh just go see Joe. In the Tubbing Dept, Joe gives a friendly welcoming to any of our visitors. With 6-12 Tub processes running at a time, we can see how Joe has to keep up!


Simao Correia

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Simao was drawn to the company “because of the high quality product we produced.” Having been with the company for 28 years, Simao has worked in many positions, but his most recent position is where his heart is. He is a problem solver and likes the idea of having to work with his hands to make something work everyday.

Before Nicholas DeCristofaro Sr. started Carla Corporation, he was a prominent member in silver jewelry manufacturing as a cofounder of Beaucraft. A hard working toolmaker and craftsmen by trade, Nicholas wanted to start a gold jewelry company that offered high quality products with the best service to both large and small retailers. He believed it was important that small businesses were afforded the same quality service and opportunities as large retailers. It is with this belief that Carla Corporation was founded.

In January of 1965 Nicholas established Carla Corporation with his son in law Ralph Fleming joining him shortly after in 1968. The company started buying and selling finished product as well as making its own findings and finished jewelry to distribute to the small independent retail Jewelers. The company grew rapidly and soon became one of the leading earring manufacturing companies in the US. It was quality and service the company was founded on, and that is how we continue today.

So here we are: a small company in a small state with a big passion.

We take pride in everything we do and hope you can see our passion in each of the products we make.



Pamela Woods

Raw Materials
Pamela & Cathy seem to be partners in crime when it comes to humor & sass, but that’s what we love about them. With 37 years of experience with us, Pam consistently works hard at each of her duties. “The quality of jewelry we make & the fact that we stand behind our product is why I am most proud to work at Carla.”


David Benevides

With Carla for 22 years, David specializes in our Electroform & Plating Processes, two of our largest departments. David’s knowledge is incomparable and he works hard to make our products reach our quality standards. He believes “that if I am making something of value, the quality needs to show it. It has to be made right”


Cathy Needham

Gold & Silver Purchasing

For 37 years, Cathy has served as the Gold & Silver Purchasing Agent with us at Carla. Her energy & humor always makes for a good day working with her. She is proud that “we make a great product and that we all work very hard to make it. We’ve all worked together for years to produce the best product in the country.”


Carlos DeResendes

When speaking with Carlos, you can hear his pride and hard work in his voice and see his production in his hands. He is proud of the art of stone setting and makes sure each piece he sets is done to the best quality possible. He “wanted to work with a big line of jewelry and to make sure every customer is satisfied.”



Using a variety of buffs and compounds, our trained polishers polish every piece by hand to create a high quality finish on all of our jewelry.



All of our jewelry is finished off with a rhodium or Hamilton finish to give our consistent Carla / Nancy B Color.



To show our true shine, all of our products go through a tubbing process, unique to its materials. The tubs contain various abrasives to go from a raw state to a smooth finish, so they are ready to go to polish.



Every piece of our jewelry is hallmarked with our signature ”quality stamp.” Ensuring our customers that they are receiving Carla or Nancy B 14KT or Silver. It’s our promise to you that it is of the quality you deserve.



After building a ”tree” of wax patterns, we insert the tree into a canister, which is then filled with a plaster like substance. During the heating process, the wax patterns melt and evaporate leaving negative images within the plaster. We then melt gold or silver and using a casting machine, inject it into the canister to fill in the negative images.



Our different styles are created using custom dies and tools, which are made using 40 ton power presses. The presses imprint a shape into a gold or silver sheet, which is then sent to solder to be fused together.