The Difference Between Carla and Nancy B

There is no fine line that separates the styles of Carla and Nancy B. The great thing about our designs is that the two brands can be worn by women of every age. It’s more of a fact of your unique style and mood. We’ve designed our collections for that purpose.

The Carla Collection

For the classic women, our styles take a new look at sophistication and recreate this desired style in a modern world. Add a sense of elegance to your look with our signature hoops, studs, & gemstones.

The Nancy B Collection

Our fun and unique styles are captured using our Nancy B Line. Anything from big gemstones, small stunners, and hammered hoops are included in the line. They easily transition from daytime to a night out, perfect for work or your little black dress.

Creating your Essentials Collection

Since the beginning of Carla, we have stressed the importance of an essential collection. Everyone needs a collection of good quality everyday jewelry. They are lightweight, comfortable, high quality, and simply beautiful. They will always be your go-to pieces and they will last you a lifetime.

The Importance of Quality

Quality is a key factor when it comes to jewelry. It’s important that the piece you are purchasing is going to last. That’s why we work continually to make sure our quality will last you a lifetime. That favorite pair of earrings should be worn now and again in 20 years.

So stack your jewelry box with quality pieces that will last you a lifetime.